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The other way around

Everyone talks about cultural change, agile and lean, about self-organisation, fail fast and error culture... and then we start a transformation PROJECT!
We forget that some technology and new fancy offices are not the key to unleashing the potential of the employees.

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Culture is created where people feel trust, experience appreciation, are given freedom to make decisions and thus intuitively take responsibility.
We establish an experimental environment for a new behaviour and prove with your current challenges, which abilities your own employees would have... if they were allowed to! Get involved and be amazed...
You introduce Office 365, establish new offices with desk sharing, home office and third spaces, you want to handle projects and processes more easily, give your teams more responsibility, meetings with impact, high transparency, create a culture of trust, redesign the school through targeted impulses and iterative development steps, lay the foundation for modern forms of learning...
... Then you've come to the right place. We support your people bottom-up and show the management what they are capable of and how they will shape the corporate culture inside out.

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Team Enabling

Following our motto "cultural change the other way around", releasing potential in people and teams is our passion.
We don't mull over problems and persona work for days on end, but focus directly on the desired change and its effects. We develop and test new ways of working together and build our future on tangible experiences.
In groups the participants discover common strengths, learn new methods and multiply their competences. The focus is on learning together, an open feedback culture and lived fault tolerance.

Disruptive Learning

Learning together is easier to say than done. New disruptive forms of teaching are needed. Schools and teaching institutions are facing a huge cultural challenge that requires a drastic rethink. Through targeted impulses, pragmatic and iterative steps of development, together with the teaching body, we redesign the school and thus lay the foundation for natural and modern forms of learning. It may well be that the next generation will be involved in finding solutions. Who knows better than them what the school of the future should look like?

Tool Exploration

As a team we experience together new tools and methods. From this we derive explorative direct benefits for the users and the company. We attach great importance to a transversal, cross-generational staffing of the teams, thus ensuring practical results and avoiding theoretical assumptions that stand in the way of creative ideas. The focus is always on the desired behaviour, which we can favour with appropriate applications, but much more with the most suitable methodology.

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Workspace Facilitation

Offices should be flexible and individually adaptable. In particular, they must offer variety and provide the best possible support for the people working therein. Workspaces are not for the architect, but for the people. Therefore, those directly affected should also design them. We get to work with the team and, in a relaxed atmosphere, create the conditions for experiencing new spatial models and learning directly from them. The amazing thing is that it is not expensive furniture that plays the music, but collective development and shared experiences. Give your team this freedom and let yourself be surprised.


More and more employees suffer from bore-out - a state of pronounced underchallenge in working life.
Whether burn-out or bore-out, in both cases we are working without any purpose... With our FUNATWORK initiative, we take your team into our world and show that it can be done differently. We are not tied to an office to achieve exceptional performance. We break out and deal with our current challenges out in nature! We adapt the activity to the participants and the challenge and have FUNATWORK together. On a hike, on a bike tour, trudging with snowshoes, cooking in a mountain hut... The cool thing about it all is that we solve complex challenges in a playful way and go back to our everyday lives full of energy and smiling faces.

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five summits uf dr haid

Funatwork July 2021

Alli Workshops werdet vo ihm mega spannend und lebhaft gfühert. Kei Unterstützig isch ihm zwenig. Zu sine Hilfsmittel eifach nur WOW. Sini positivi Art aktiviert und bringt Integration für es schnells gmeinsams Vorwärtscho. Danke Ruggero, es macht Spass eso z’schaffe! 😃

Nima Jordhen, Stadt Zürich

«Der Kurs „Das digitale Unternehmen“ isch iatz fertig und i denk dass mir sehr viel lernen konnten. Der Start wor etwas mühsam, weil fir miar viele Sochn neu woren, aber i hon mi uanfoch eini georbeitet. Iatz  bin i sehr froh dass i so viele nützliche Instrumente kennengelernt hon, welche i fir mein Betrieb guat nutzn konn. I bin iatz foscht a bissl wehmütig dass der Kurs schun zu Ende isch… Auf jeden Foll worsch du a super sympathischer und sehr kompetenter Coach und i wear mi sicher bei an nächsten Kurs do ba inz wieder ounmelden… „Ba inz do“ isch im schönen Vinschgau/ Südtirol/Italien… Wünsch dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deinem Betrieb! Danke nu amol und gonz liabe Grüße aus Schlanders.»

Gertrud Staffler, WORKERSHOP Schlanders

«Una bellissima esperienza. Grazie alla semplicità con cui ha condotto Ruggero il corso, anche le operazioni più complicate hanno trovato soluzione e in 6 moduli abbiamo potuto toccare con mano come si crea una ditta digitale. L’introduzione dei disegni quali comunicazione ha semplificato il linguaggio e aiutato i partecipanti ad entrare in un mondo che sembrava troppo grande da affrontare. Mi ha colpito in particolar modo la trasparenza della crativ.ch nel farci entrare nel loro sistema e condividere con noi le loro scoperte fatte continuando a provare e trovare soluzioni ideali alla situazione. Lavorare in team con persone dal tutto il Grigioni italiano online ci ha tuffati direttamente nella piattaforma obbligandoci a buttarci completamente nel corso. Teoria e pratica che vanno a braccetto. Grazie al Polo Poschiavo per aver reso possibile questo corso e a Ruggero per aver interpretato al meglio il ruolo di istruttore.»

Daniela Jelmini, TIgita Sagl Santa Maria Calanca

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