crativ Coach & Founder


+41 79 292 45 23

Ruggero has been accompanying companies on their way to limitless collaboration for many years. He passionately supports organizations and their employees to immerse themselves in new, self-organized working environments.

His stated goal: to simplify the lives of people and thereby create benefits for companies. Together with his team, Ruggero invents the working concepts of tomorrow, mixes generations and reinvents rules.

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new Generation Mentor & Co-Founder


+41 79 124 52 60

When we don’t know what to do, we ask Daria! She helps to generate ideas and brings in the view of the new generation. As a new generation mentor, she brings together nexters, xers, boomers and veterans in the process of transformation and brings to light new and unexpected potential with her open and upright manner.

Besides, she is so to speak our media director, since as an aspiring mediamatician she has a lot to offer when it comes to dealing with modern media.


crativ Fairy & Co-Founder


+41 79 638 88 24

Nathalie is our fairy godmother in the background, who supports the crativ team administratively but also often mentally ;)

She gives us time to be more with the customer. There where we ultimately move people. She has our deadlines firmly under control and prepares everything necessary.

As a primary school & sports teacher she contributes the pedagogical touch into our everyday life. With her humorous way she always questions us and gives our models, methods and interventions the necessary depth.


crativ Sketcher & Visualizer


+41 77 534 72 53

Aliena is our youngest offspring ;)

She is our artist. With her anime/manga style she creates unique visual stories! This is how art meets business and our storyboards stand out from everything else around us… “the other way around”!

Let her art account inspire you and if you think your community or communication needs some spice… then you know where to get in touch.


Together we bring more to the day... That's why we network and work together with people who share our values, but also from time to time a beer ;) Personal relationship, trust and authenticity are at the centre of our work. This keeps us awake, we learn together, evolve together and you benefit from our collective knowledge. We work together with the right coaches in the given context, pooling our skills and thus getting the best out of our services.

Oscar Genovese

  • Project Enabler & Techno Freak
  • oscar@crativ.ch
  • +41 79 724 19 72

We have a long history with Oscar. Our paths have crossed again and again for many years. We know of no project manager who brings people together with such competence to achieve extraordinary things as he does. His empathetic way as a coach, in combination with his pronounced technical understanding, his language skills and his ever-present humour, we appreciate very much. With him we simply have #funatwork but not only, also on the bike, at a night orienteering or building furniture. He is simply multifunctional ;)

In the background he sets up bots and apps, configures security settings, works conceptually, but also workshops - whether online or onsite - are daily business for him. He brings the most complex issues to the point visually and makes them tangible for everyone. Trust and transparency are at the top of his list of values, which is why we work with him again and again to make the impossible possible.

Esther Kühne

  • Coaching and organizational consulting
  • esther.kuehne@ek3.ch
  • +41 79 593 58 25

crativ unleashes the potential of teams and communities. But sometimes it’s not just about the team but rather about the individuals and their own personal concerns. The manager in a sandwich, the employee with his private challenges, the HR employee who is supposed to dismiss his friend, two who are in the middle of a conflict, the boss who is facing a crisis… In such situations, Esther Kühne, founder of ek3 GmbH, reads between the lines, she recognizes when it becomes necessary in a team process to dive into an individual level and which communication is the right one at the moment. With her open, hearty manner she accompanies teams and organizations in change processes and inspires people to rediscover themselves. We fully share her values and passion, which is why we often work together with her. The chemistry is right, and so are the results. It is always a pleasure. Welcome to the team ;)

Rolf Arnet

  • crativ Hiking Coach
  • rolf.arnet@bluewin.ch
  • +41 79 750 89 02

We got to know and appreciate Rolf during our cooperation in various projects. As a driver of new working environments and forms of collaboration, he has attracted our attention not only because of his friendly, considerate manner, but also and especially because of his enormous knowledge and his many years of management experience.

In his professional life, it has always been his ambition to pass on the beauty of nature and culture to his colleagues, be it in outdoor leadership trainings or management off sites.

It is therefore not surprising that Rolf’s passion for planning and organizing summer camps and hikes during his boy scout days will soon lead him to become a hiking guide for Swiss hiking trails.

And we look forward to experiencing new and unexpected things with him and other excited participants during our outdoor coaching sessions, mastering efforts together and experiencing impressive moments. We are convinced that we will have a lot of fun together and are happy to have Rolf in our network.

Pfyffer Schmid & Partner AG

  • integrated transformation consultancy
  • mail@pfyfferschmid.ch

Pfyffer Schmid & Partner AG work with you to build new worlds of cooperation where people and organizations flourish - to grow together beyond borders. This is the motto that the two founders Marc Pfyffer and Dieter Schmid consistently live with their team. Over many years they have become the top address for business transformation. They have everything in their treasure trove for the transformation of a company, from consulting and methodology to didactics and tools.

While Pfyffer Schmid drives the development of a company on a strategic level, crativ GmbH activates the hidden potential of the employees and makes them co-designers in the transformation. This interaction has proven itself many times over, which is why our paths cross again and again in an inspiring way to release our strengths in a bundled way for the benefit of our customers.

Key Portilla Kawamura

  • Human centric Workplace Strategist
  • key@studiobanana.com
  • +41 76 433 39 53

Key is one of the most inspiring persons who has crossed our path.  As co-founding partner of STUDIO BANANA he stands with his whole being for the claim “Home of Design driven Transformation”. He transforms visions, values and emotions into modern interior design and products and thus makes an essential contribution to the wellbeing of people at their workplaces.

Our approaches complement each other brilliantly. While crativ makes people’s needs tangible, STUDIO BANANA puts these needs in scene and creates incredible working environments and emotional effects.

Convince yourself on STUDIOBANANA.COM and imagine what happens when we let our bundled creativity gush for your company.

Ready for it?

Rebecca Luperto

  • Digital Accounting Freak and Founder bikelady.ch
  • rluperto@lexo.ch
  • +41 76 436 38 87

When founding crativ GmbH Daria said: “Hei, Rebecca of bikelady.ch is a trustee”. There was nothing more to discuss, said, done. Since then Rebecca - by the way CFO at lexo.ch - has been trimming us in digital bookkeeping and accompanying us in our paperless processes. As a passionate sportswoman, she has the bite to bring our wild ideas back to the ground of reality, but is open enough to engage in our crativ experiments. So even bookkeeping is fun! 🤪

Her service is uncomplicated, digitally sophisticated and efficient.

Her fresh nature and her East Swiss dialect make her all the more likeable and it can also be a good thing that you can meet us together on the bikes on some flowy trails.

And by the way, if you are a lady who wants to explore our forests by bike with other cool girls… then let’s get going! Check that site out and have fun.

Happy to have you Bekky!

Andrej Golob

  • Transformation Coach
  • andrej.golob@karldigital.ch
  • +41 79 205 44 15

When we’re talking about new organizational structures, then we quickly realize that we need also a new concept of leadership. While crativ focuses primarily on releasing potential in people and teams, Andrej Golob, founder of karldigital and administrative council of Raiffeisen, brings the skills and leadership experience necessary to support the digital transformation at management level. Together, we create the right balance from both a strategical and an employee perspective to embrace the unlimited opportunities offered by new technologies and business models. We are not only interested in the most innovative ideas, but also in what is achievable, the next steps, so that in the end «Karl» also gets happy into the digital world.

Michal Sobotkiewicz

  • Innovator & KanBo Evangelist
  • sobot@kan.bo
  • +49 179 244 1112

Once a company has reached the point where it begins to work together contextually to guarantee the necessary transparency and enable self-determined, participative forms of work, then the desire for appropriate tools comes along in some way. Michal has been a pioneer in this field for many years. As an innovative thinker, he started looking for better working environments early on and when he didn’t find anything clever, he simply built KanBo. He thus brings at the right time the necessary freedom to view the work from different points of view and has built a platform, which is embedded in various agile workflows of modern companies.

When it comes to establishing cross-generational working methods in a company, both methodically and from a technical point of view, we work together with Michal. And when Manu and Michal come together, run for your lives! Then we have a real firework of innovation, experience and implementation competence together. Who has the courage to get involved?

Giulia Langhi

  • Media Champion on Demand
  • langhi.giulia@gmail.com
  • +41 79 890 63 74

Giulia attracted attention already in the first year of her apprenticeship. As a learning mediamatic she slumbers in her much hidden potential. Her passion is the picture. She particularly photographs with a strong connection to the nature. But she also transforms moving pictures professionally and uncomplicatedly into emotions.

As next Generation Media Champion, we like to engage her again and again to make our core business, namely what touches the heart, crativ tangible.

You can find a small portfolio of our aspiring entrepreneur on giulialanghi.ch

A real enrichment, happy to have you Giulia 🤩

Adrian Krüsi

  • Leadership Coach & Brand Strategist
  • ak@divid.ch
  • +41 79 697 76 05

Companies that reinvent themselves face two major challenges. How will my role as a leader change and how will we tell our new story to the market? Adrian, founder and co-owner of Divid Unternehmensagentur, opens up his many years of experience in these cases, accompanies managers individually in the change process and, together with them, forms the new brand strategy.

Of course, the whole company is then moved along… that is when the employees are activated by crativ to shape the cultural change from the bottom up.

Adrian is a heart soul but also clear and direct. Everything has to be put on the table, then work can begin. We cultivate a very trusting cooperation and complement each other intuitively. In addition, Adrian is not alone at Divid and can draw on the individual strengths of his partners.

Together we form a healthy mix of top-down and bottom-up and thus change effectively and sustainably.

Manuela Bruderer

  • Multimedia Coach
  • mb@bruderer-media.ch
  • +41 79 273 83 49

Manu has been acting as a multimedia coach since her apprenticeship. She becomes serious when she takes companies on a journey to new modern tool environments. As a Microsoft365 crack, she has a lot in her quiver and surprises even experienced managers and specialists in an impressive way.

As the founder of her fresh little company Bruderer Media, she accompanies teams in exploring new environments and, in addition, imparts the necessary skills for new working models. As the person responsible for change projects in the introduction of new, modern IT environments of large Swiss companies, she brings experience that only very few people can offer in this depth…

With Manu we can look back on a long history. Be it as an author, inline skater or SharePoint magician… Our cooperation is based on deep trust and respect and when we work together we always have a lot of fun 😃

Robin Hedinger

  • Interactive Media Designer on Demand
  • robin.hedinger@bluewin.ch
  • +41 79 224 04 82

A lot of creative material is produced in our workshops. It might be that a logo, an illustration or a visual is sketched and then it should be realized digitally. Therefore, we have the very right guy. A young multi-talent who not only has the technical skills, but also the ability to critically analyse a task and stay allegiant to his principles. Robin Hedinger is on his way to becoming an interactive media designer and has designed our whole crativ corporate identity as an example, the choice of colours, the logo, the lettering, the code and the animations… If we are supposed to generate ideas and then process them sustainably, he comes into action. Uncomplicated, trustworthy, creative, highly agile and pleasant to interact with. Here, too, we trust in the skills of the new generation without any ifs and buts. They can do much more than we think they can do… it’s all a matter of trust.

Marc Furrer

  • Mediamatic on Demand
  • mail@marc-furrer.ch
  • +41 79 198 22 11

When we activate teams as an experiment, this is also a bit courageous for many companies. They let themselves be drawn into something whose outcome is uncertain….

So, it is even more important to document the process as a whole, to capture emotions and to make them noticeable. Then it will immediately become clear what people can achieve together and it is much easier to infect others with it. In the end, this is how communities are created.

To capture these emotions and make them visible, we rely on Marc Furrer’s media competence. He is a passionate mediamatic, co-founder of the label SIMPLE PIECES and most importantly he is a gangster filmer from Graubünden ;)

He sneaks around unnoticed in our workshops, forces one or the other to speak his or her quote into the cam and finally delivers emotionally charged pictures and stories. Let’s learn from the next generation is the motto. And if we need the view of exactly this generation… well, then we simply include them in the process… obviously right?

Marie Eckert

  • Workspace Facilitator
  • marie.eckert@villageoffice.ch
  • +41 76 508 59 82

When we’re talking about new working environments, we quickly become aware of what relates to this term. The space itself does not only change the way we work, but also our mobility behaviour, our attitude towards work in the community and how innovation develops… We increase attractiveness as a region for whole townships, promote local added value, connect people and ultimately increase the attractiveness of employers and the employees’ quality of life. If we deal with coworking and working environments, we enjoy working with Marie Eckert. As President of Coworking Graubünden, operator of BockOffice in Davos and partner of VillageOffice, she is very familiar with all kinds of working environments. With her open-minded, charming and friendly manner she complements our coaches as workspace facilitator to an unbeatable team.

Philipp Erb

  • Transformation Coach
  • philipp@erbcoaching.ch
  • +41 79 637 06 05

Once we have successfully established a community and it starts to activate teams on its own, facilitator skills are the key. We teach these skills to the hard core of the community, specifically adapted to their context. This is, so to speak, the thanks they get for going the extra mile for their colleagues. The establishment of a strong facilitator community, which passes on the appropriate competence and thus helps the entire company, is the cherry on the cake…

We know someone who has «brooded» facilitators before the others have even been able to write it properly. Philipp Erb is the epitome of a coach! Through and through he lives the value work, has a broad wealth of experience in practically all areas of accompaniment and adult education and is therefore optimally networked.

We work together with Mit Erb Coaching when a company is ready to establish its own facilitator pool on a sustainable basis. His passion and esteem are contagious and brings everyone a quantum leap forward. Here we rely on the experience of a baby boomer and when we bring him together with our nexters, then we speak of generation blending at its best!