template team agreement

We are often asked what needs to be defined in order to work better together in a team with new tools from the M365 Eco System. Here we have dared to present an example of a team agreement with M365 as a basis for work. Use it as a template and adapt it to your individual working environment. If you have suggestions for additions, you can access our working document here, in which you can contribute. We will update the download as soon as we receive new content from you.

Cool, that you join in!
Greetings from the crativ team


crativ decision cards

With CRATIV DECISION CARDS, managers and teams can playfully learn whether and how decisions affecting the team or the company can and should be delegated. The medium-term goal is to use DECISION CARDS to arrive at a “DECISION MAP” that records the situations in which managers, team leaders and team colleagues are responsible for a decision.

Click here to download the instructions and decision board.

Our CRATIV DECISION CARDS are not for sale and will be available when you meet us. Contact us, we are looking forward to seeing you.


ux knowledge base

Again and again we stumble upon really good basics which are very simple and therefore easy to understand.

The UX Knowledge Base is one of these valuable gemstones. There you’ll find all sorts of topics simply represented in sketches that all have something to do with user experience design. Great compilation of several simple and helpful methods.

Thanks to Krisztina Szerovay who also offers short sketches on her page. Have a look there


hyper island toolbox

crativ GmbH releases potential in people. Frequently we trigger a lot. It therefore happens that one or the other starts to practice our applied forms of work. In order not to be left empty-handed, we have found a great toolbox that fits wonderfully into our crativ Resources.

Hyper Island has collected tools in a simple and appealing way for activation, innovation, self-leadership, change support and team building. There are always small interventions that can have a big impact at the right moment.

Thanks Hyper Island for this great toolbox.


crativ meeting culture

In this paper, we dared to think about how we could redesign our collective meeting and collaboration culture. Always with the premise that we can only tackle this together, that a certain commitment on the part of everyone is necessary and that it may take some courage to finally cut off old customs. We are looking forward to a lively dialogue and are constantly supplementing this little work with your input.

We launched the discussion in our December 2018 blog. See you there 😃


andersdenker bewegen welten

Rebellen verändern die Welt! Anja Förster und Peter Kreuz polarisieren in der Arbeitswelt mit ihren Büchern und Vorträgen. Sie rütteln wach. Erfrischend und unkonventionell.

Mit «nur Tote bleiben liegen» bin ich auf sie gestossen und in diversen Vorträgen oder über Social Media haben sie uns immer wieder aus der Seele gesprochen. crativ GmbH identifiziert sich mit ihrer Sichtweise und trägt dazu bei, Rebellen in unserer Arbeitswelt zu entdecken und zu fördern.

Darum trete einfach ihrer «Rebels at Work» Bewegung bei, stöbere in ihren Publikationen und nutze ihre «77 Zitate für Andersdenker» um selbst zu provozieren.

Thanks Anja & Peter ;)


benjamin felis' visualization tools

At a conference in Berlin I met a cool guy ;) In a short seminar Benjamin Felis taught us the most important tricks for an impressive visualization. I’ve always had his visualization brief instruction with me ever since. With his permission, you can also have it here.

Visit Benjamin’s website book him for a graphic recording, see what he does with his Erklärerei or take part in one of his seminars, then you’ll quickly become a visualization crack. Have Fun…


worksmart learning together

Part III 2018

It’s already been seven years since Swisscom took its first steps towards limitless collaboration. In our #WorkSmart series we already published Part I “Connecting People” and Part II “Sharing Knowledge”. In this third part we show the impact of 20,000 employees starting to multiply their creativity and expertise thanks to an integrated and open work base. Processes are redefined, knowledge is developed, copied and made available to all. Employees can do business without limits. Everyone becomes a co-designer of our collaboration culture. With shared knowledge we learn together! This publication shows how Swisscom is transforming from a “sharing organization” to a «learning organization».


worksmart sharing knowledge

Part II 2015

We have spent two years concentrating on “Connecting people”. Swisscom has said goodbye to its telephones at the workplace. We communicate spontaneously, visually, by mobile means, all of which are firmly integrated into our familiar work environment. But was that all we imagined #WorkSmart would mean? We asked ourselves this question along with the Group Executive Board, and we defined new objectives together to move even closer to limitless collaboration. Now that it’s two years later, we have realised this vision. The technical foundation has been laid. An open and integrated work environment for all employees! We not only communicate spontaneously, but we also share and find our knowledge, work from everywhere, are networked with customers and partners, regardless of the device and yet perfectly securely. This publication shows how Swisscom is evolving from a “storing organisation” to a «sharing organisation».


worksmart connecting people

Part I 2012

Everyone is talking about Unified Communications & Collaboration. The technology is now here to change fundamentally the way people communicate and collaborate at work. People are key: Communications & Collaboration only makes sense if people can use the new communication methods to be more productive. The challenge we face is not so much the technical infrastructure but supporting people through the change. This book deals with Swisscom as a major Swiss business corporate on its way towards spontaneous communication.


crativ workshop visualized

Marco Geiser has discovered a new passion during our workshops. The visualization! Without further ado, he presented his experience with crativ on a flipchart. Well done and thank you 👍