Funatwork is consistently aimed at fun & clever teamwork in the Grisons. We place particular emphasis on team spirit and activity in the mountain air and break out with your team! But that's not all... We offer a platform where even the smallest companies, schools and administrations can take a step forward into the digital world. In mountain regions, even supported by Swiss mountain aid! In fin al fam pö ancha in Pusciavin... 

Team spirit needs food

Funatwork doesn't just mean toying around and huggin trees! We move people in a unique environment. Fun is guaranteed, your team will redefine themselves and tackle the challenges you take on, in a whole new way. The only thing we have to do is define the challenge and a date. You can already look forward to the rest. Just the right food for a healthy team spirit.

Activity opens our minds

Movement activates our creative brainwaves. Imagine you have four hours on a hike together, in various combinations, to engage with a topic that is on your mind at the moment. When do we do this in everyday life? Firstly, we don't even notice that we are on the move, secondly, we look at everything from a completely different perspective, which we don't have anywhere else as we do in the mountains... Then in the mountain hut we exchange ideas and get to the point. How cool is that?

Step on it!

Every journey begins with the first step. If you don't do it, the trip simply doesn't happen! Start your team journey now! Just do it is the order of the day. You will never regret it. Lasting experiences, exceptional solutions, friendship! What would you like more? Whether in summer or winter, exquisite or plain, there is always something cool that suits you. Build a new foundation for your common success. Go for it! If not now, when? 


Emotions drive our actions. We have captured such emotions for you. The most important thing is the experience and the positive anchoring to it. That's how it stays with us forever. These moments are the ones we will tell our grandchildren about. Take a look inside and get inspired, there's something in it for your team too! Have funatwork ;)

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Funatwork Juli 2021

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